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Mark Dalderup | miscellaneous

I havent figured out where these belong... yet, but I you just have to wait....for me to do that...

Paprika Paprika

or bell peppers

bicycle girl bicycle girl

A girl on a bike, after it has rained, in fall, riding through, what looks like Amsterdam. 

Leaning Leaning

Two versions of a woman leaning on her arm

Zwarte Miek Zwarte Miek

Zwarte Miek (1995) 42cm by 19.7cm indian ink on paper

strenght strenght

What lies beneath...

Gargoyles Gargoyles

Doodling gargoyles for sketchdaily

dinosaurus dinosaurus

A dinosuarus line art for sketchdaily

Bremer Bremer

Drawing and video of the Bremer stadtmusikanten


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