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111 drawings 111 drawings

I made 111 small drawings. I am going to elaborate on them

Animals Animals

Drawings of animals

Daylight of Darkness Daylight of Darkness

A story of crime and confusion set in a world that just came into existence but already has internet. See the images in context on this domain:

miscellaneous miscellaneous

I havent figured out where these belong... yet, but I you just have to wait....for me to do that...

Stories, comics & poetry Stories, comics & poetry

Letters and images, images and letters & images in letters

sculpture sculpture

Three dimensional images

Plants Plants

Mostly images of plants

collages collages

Images made from other images

Photos Photos

Images made with a camera

Redditgetsdrawn Redditgetsdrawn

Drawings made for redditgetsdrawn with the original photos included

Mythology & Mysticism Mythology & Mysticism

Fluid art Fluid art

Art that flows

Typography Typography

Things with letters

aimless activity aimless activity

fiddle (around), fool around, fribble, goof (around), hang about [British], kick around, mess around, monkey (around), play, potter (around), putter (around), trifle

lines lines

Images madee with lines

videos & animation videos & animation

Images that move and have sound

Pinups Pinups

Images with girls


Images that are not suitable for a profesional environment

sturgeon surgeon sturgeon surgeon

The epic tale of a surgeon and his scalpel and a sturgeon and his samurai blade.

Horror icons Horror icons

A series of horror icons I made for reddit's sketchdaily

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