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Mark Dalderup | Daylight of Darkness | The Nine fish gods

The Nine fish gods

Opensea NFT collection

This collection was made for the story daylight of darkness. A story of free will and free form. The fish gods decide the fates of everyone to their trait. These drawings where not made on a computer but cut with a knife and later digitized. The originals where then destroyed to make true digital assets because they only exist now as data. Their iconic look makes them desirable and collectable for the common NFT collector.

Betrayal disappearing Betrayal disappearing  
Certainty reef warrior Certainty reef warrior  
Drama round and round Drama round and round  
Greed big mouth bass Greed big mouth bass  
Irritation falling a part Irritation falling a part  
Jealousy razor teeth Jealousy razor teeth  
Justification carpe diem Justification carpe diem  
Mission creep speed Mission creep speed  
Recklessness its a fish eat fish world Recklessness its a fish eat fish world  


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