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New art added in aimless activity

Published on: 19 April 2021

The following art was recently placed on my website

chameleon chicken skull
chameleon chicken skull

(700mm x 1000mm (27.55in x 39.37in) - felt tips on paper)

A chameleon is holding a pink gun while a disoriented lady with dark purple skin looks on. above the chameleon a chicken and a flower rise. On the back of the chameleon stands a little goblin with butterfly wings. He points at a faucet which is floating in the air. Behind the faucet stand a female with a distorted body and a wry smile on her face. Her head is wrapped in a blue leave. The water from the faucet flows down and changes into a tree branch. Perched on this is another chameleon lizard type animal. His tail is wrapped around a seagull bird which sticks his head out of a tree stump. nest to the bird is another goblin balancing with his hands on the tree branch.Below the tree stump rests a half face half car creature with red glasses, its tong rolled out of its open mouth. An armed guard stand next to it, holding a car door open. On the other side of this creature flies an insect being with one shoe on its leg, above it a pair of pliers can be seen.

Watch it get made



(500mm x 650mm (19.69in x 25.59in) - felt tips on paper)

A ship enters a harbor ( in the distance while being attacked by a sea serpent. The ship is armed with four cannons. The sailor is holding a curved blade with a skull knob on the bottom. The sea serpent is ridden by a spread eagle bird holding a revolver. A giant with a pointy nose and a very tired face wearing a green top hat with a sperm stuck into it is looking on. he has a ballpoint in his breast pocket. Towering above this stands a figure formed out of human and bird parts. It big broadsword is strapped to its hip section. the head of the contraption is being held up by the claw of a bird. Two birds strapped to the arms form elbow protection. At the other side stands a one legged woman on her head smoking a pipe. The smoke of the pipe forms a hand which pull on the shoelace of the one legged woman.


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