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Published on: 05 September 2021

chameleon chicken skull
Chameleon chicken skull

Hello, My name is Mark Dalderup and it seems that you are visiting my site. As you can see most of this site contains art I made. You can buy this art from multiple venues: Like redbubble, teepublic and on opensea as NFT. I hope you look around instead of bounce. Have fun.

Maybe its easier if I explain a bit of what I am doing here. At the moment I make all of my work as an independent artist and publish it on my website which is where you are.  Further more I have a website called where I publish an ongoing story/graphic novel/basically do whatever I want story.

My current work consists of felt tip drawings under the moniker aimless activity. I use standard house hold felt tips and cheap paper on which I make large colourful drawings. Another aspect of these drawings is that I like to make them large (70x100cm or 39.4 x 27.8) which ads to the alienating effect of the art.  I use automatic drawing and surrealism as my guide line. Most of the works have a dream like atmosphere where different objects go from one to the next and objects who are out of place appear in the composition. There is a large influence of surrealism, and european comic books, since I like to use the clear line style.

All art on this site depending on what it actually is (some art pieces only exist digitally) is for sale. Contact me for details and prices through the contact form or email me @

If you want to support my work you can give me money through this paypal link:


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