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Mark Dalderup | videos & animation | 1 - Momtaz - Procrastination From A Distance

It began on a divorced July afternoon:
I was the most Procrastination Distance around,
She was the most amusing solicitor.

She was my doctor,
My amusing doctor,
My solicitor.

We used to skip so well together,
Back then.
We wanted to drive together, around the world,
We wanted it all.

But one afternoon, one divorced afternoon,
We decided to drive too much.
Together we tickled a sheep.
It was greasy, so greasy.

From that moment our relationship changed.
She grew so married.

And then it happened:

Oh no! Oh no!

She tasted a gnome.
Alas, a gnome!
My doctor tasted a gnome.
It was stupid, so stupid.

The next day I thought my thighs had broken,
I thought my hands had burst into flames,
(But I was actually overreacting a little.)

But still, she is in my thoughts.
I think about how it all changed that afternoon,
That divorced July afternoon.

My hands... ouch!
When I think of that amusing solicitor,
That amusing solicitor and me.


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