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For several months after her fiancée Hal Chadwick had been reported killed in an airliner crack-up, Ruth Lawson, sick with grief and sorrow was only half alive herself. Then, just as she seemed to be getting a grip on her self along came the horror filled night when she learned that the yawning chasm of death sometimes can be bridged by the love of the living.

original comic can be found here

The background music is the Zelenka Ouverture-Suite in F major by Jan Dismas Zelenka perfomerd by on a public domain license

All extra sounds are from on a public domain licence

Don't be frightened by things you don't understand!

sound user sound url CC license
Ouverture Suite in F major, ZWV 188
woman fright
long sigh
bonfire being lit
small crackling fire
NASA PlaneCrashTest
turbo prop fly by
wind blowing
heavy metal door 3
woman scream
banging slamming metal cupboard
wall bump
classic dizzy take slide whistle
phone click off
blazing fire
paraglider taking off
swamp out time
demon chant
witch laugh
super dramatic stings
flash and a bang
short choir
shock stab
stabbing stab knife
making coffee
keys jingling and dropping
car drive by


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